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I have a data with AH and  my dsl line is with Telkom.

I need to know if I transfer my line with AH from when will I get billed, that is, when will a debit order go off my account. I need to know so that I can make money available and how much will go off.


Second question, I also have data with another ISP, will I still be able to use them ?

Telkom already billed me for a last month.

asked Apr 13, 2015 in Lines by Michael

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You will be billed from the time the line is active with us. It takes a DSL Line Migration up to 14 working days to complete. The migration can happen anytime within that time frame given. The line migation is also dependant on the area work load. We don't have the exact date as to when the migration complete. You would need to make sure that from the day you sign up the line there's funds in your account for when the migration completes. You will be billed pro-rata from the time the line is active with us (price / days in this month * days left to end of month).  You will be able to use any ISP even when we manage your DSL lines.
answered Apr 13, 2015 by AfriDude (43,990 points)