Struggling to Upload a Website on Afrihost SolidCP...I need to be Online today

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Hi again
I have been trying to host a customer's website but to no avail I tried to tackle some the challenges I faced...Creating the 'Public_Html' folder, etc...

Since i have uploaded my files; cleared cache, A "500.19 Internal Server Error has

occurred & I honestly do not know if its my fault or not.

Another issue is the website has Different folders, My Html is separated from my

Assets folder(which includes the CSS,JS,Bootstrap etc) which I have taken the Html

files and inserted them in my Assets(Now known as my public_html)   And now my Domain Name is no longer secure, Although you have installed the SSL Certificate

...I got used to Drag and Drop hosting servers

I tried looking on SolidCP for any assistance but I'm locked of my account...

Is there any way I could get proper guidance??
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asked May 6 in Shared Hosting by Karabo E (120 points)

1 Answer

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Good day,

Hope you are well,

Unfortunately this would require web development knowledge, therefore I would advise you to contact our hosting department. (

Please not you will need to send us a ticket using the clients registered email address.

Thank you for your time and patience
answered Jul 19 by ziad.b (180 points)