I would like to transfer my website from one domain name to another.

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My current website is at www.bestbehaviour.co.za. I would like to change it to www.beyondbehaviour.co.za. Is this possible and if so, what steps do I need to follow? Is this possible or do I have to rebuild my entire website (on Weebly)?
asked May 23 in Shared Hosting by jessjeppe (120 points)

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Good day Jess i hope your well

Unfortunately, if you have already registered a domain name, you cannot “swap it” for another. The process of changing your domain name to another is as follows:

-Cancel the old/incorrect domain name. (If you no longer require it)
-Register the new domain name. (At full registration price)
-Once the new domain is registered and set up on the server, you will need to upload the content from the old site to the new site.

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Sabelo Mabungu
answered Jul 16 by sabelo.zero (380 points)