Assist me in choosing the right package for domain and hosting options using a windows computer for startup business

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Which option do I choose between shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, email hosting, DNS. What is the difference. I am a sole proprietor and have 1 intern supporting me. I would like to purchase a site using .online and I am currently using my gmail account for business which is unprofessional.

Please assist in selecting the cheapest option where I can build my own website using a template.

Thank you

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As for me, the best hosting especially for Europe is here I use it a few years and I don;t want to change anything.

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Hi there,

Please read our articles below to understand the difference between Shared hosting and Dedicated or Cloud hosting.

What is the difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated / Cloud Hosting? -

It is also important to know the difference between our managed and self-managed packages
What is the difference between Managed and Unmanaged Hosting? -

And lastly, it is very important to know the difference between the two operating systems offered with a server - Windows or Linux. Just because you use a windows computer at home does not mean you have to select windows hosting.
Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting -

For more information about dedicated hosting and what is best for you please contact our team at to assist with the best solution for you.

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Hi Heidi,

We offer very competitive hosting options including Microsoft 365 coporate email services at amazing rates send me an email if you require more info
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