Fixed wireless not activated for extended period of time.

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I would like to lodge a formal service complaint.

My fixed wireless line has not been activated yet and I have used all the support channels available. As yet, my service is still down (3 days and counting). Every time I eventually manage to make contact with someone from Afrihost, I have to rehash the same story just to hear the same response "it is escalated to Telkom".

This level of service is unacceptable. Firstly, I constantly have to follow up with Afrihost, not once in the past three days has any representative from Afrihost or Telkom contacted me to give me feedback on the status of my query. Secondly, there seems to be no desire to solve my problem. I just get told we will escalate and I should contact Afrihost again. When I contact Afrihost again, I talk to a different person (email, Whatsapp, phone) that simply tells me the same thing. If I ask, what are the next steps and when can I expect this to be resolved I get the same answer "We will escalate".

This is an administrative oversight due to internal processes that is further compounded by poor feedback and a lack of transparency. I have been a customer of Afrihost for a few years on and off and I am now seriously reconsidering my decision.

Can someone please help.
asked Jun 4 in ADSL by stoltzmanie (120 points)

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I don't work at afrihost I'm a student just looking to help. How far have you gone through the setup process?

According to this article ( it takes roughly 2 days.

So assuming there might be something wrong your side isn't far fetched. Please take a look at the Getting connected section on this:( page. If there is anything you want help with like for me to run you through a fresh install of your LTE setup just comment on this.
Remember I'm just a student
answered Jun 9 by oubaas (260 points)
Good day student. Maybe I should have started my complaint with "I am an Electronic Engineer" since we are saying what we do.

Thanks for trying, but everything was fine on my side (PS: In my Electronic Engineering Bachelors degree studies we developed high levels of problem solving skills and thorough planning etc).

If there were to be something wrong on my side, I was completely left in the dark with regards to sufficient Afrihost support that could identify and rectify the problem. Luckily, I managed to talk to someone helpful exactly a week later, and he told me "There seems to be an issue with the SIM cards activation on Telkom's end."

Now, finally, I can reply to this answer using Afrihost's service.
xD, glad everything worked out
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I had a similar problem. Ironically, everything corrected itself by itself on the third day.
answered 4 days ago by Ultimer (420 points)