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How do I install my own SSL certificate on AfriHost Shared Webhosting?
asked Dec 9, 2014 in Shared Hosting by anonymous

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Hi there
You will not be able to install the SSL certificate by yourself because it requires root access and only our engineers have that access.

For us to do the installation for you we need you to send a request from your primary email address to An agent will respond with the below to process the SSL certificate.

"An SSL Certificate costs R790.00 p/a and Wildcard SSL costs R1800 p/a either way you/it also requires a dedicated IP be assigned to your domain / server for use with the SSL certificate.

A dedicated IP address costs R600 per annum or R50 per month (please confirm which you prefer).

If you are happy with the pricing and would like us to proceed please confirm the following:

Host to make cert for (for example or
Country (2 letter abbreviation, South Africa will be ZA):
Company Name:
Company Division:

With this information we can then order the SSL certificate. The entire process will take 48 hours to complete."

There are a few things to consider before the SSL certificate is requested and installed. Its best and quicker if DNS of the domain is managed by Afrihost and the mails are are pointing to our mail servers. If thats not the case its not the end of the world yet. We will tell you what you need to give and/or tell your domains DNS and mail administrators. The time to complete the SSL certificate will be determined by your DNS and mail administrators.

I hope this answers your question.

Afrihost Team
answered Dec 10, 2014 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
SSL certificate on shared server