When will we see faster than 200Mbps line speeds?

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If the technology is available why not make it available for your customers to decide what they want and can afford, I know that this is an Openserve issue, but I am an Afrihost client, and you should pressure Openserve on behalf of your clients.
asked Aug 31 in General by Tony1502 (140 points)

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Openserve does offer 500Mbps down and 250Mbps up as their largest package.
Upgrade in ClientZone
answered Sep 6 by Rookie (9,860 points)
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Everyone wants fast and secure internet but sometimes we just don't find the fastest available service. Most student are buying college papers very often and it is also helpful for upgrading to a mesh network. Keep sharing new updates on OpenServer issues.

answered Oct 27 by Jordy839 (140 points)
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