My site shows a deleted/ corrupted blog page as default homepage.

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When I open my domain, it opens a corrupted old blog page as a default homepage. I would like it to open home page as default. Please help.
asked Sep 5 in Shared Hosting by Msawenkosi (140 points)

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Good day 

It appears that the DirectoryIndex setting in your Apache has index.php prioritized over index.html. The SitePad website has an index.html file, whereas the website you were previously using had an index.php file. As a result, when you visit your domain without the filename in the browser, the index.php file is loaded because it has a higher preference. To resolve this, either change the DirectoryIndex on your server so that index.html takes precedence over index.php. You can do this with.htaccess or by contacting your web host. Alternatively, you can rename the index.php file to index.php.bak, which will prevent Apache from finding the index.php file and instead load index.html.

If you have modified your site, I would suggest that you new restore your changes from AfriBackUp to the last date when your site was optimal.

For further more information on how to restore a backup, please follow the link below to our Help Centre:

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