Cloud hosting vs. Physical hosting

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Why would someone choose physical hosting over cloud hosting?
asked Apr 14, 2015 in Cloud Hosting by Roro (1,330 points)

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Cloud server are a great option for businesses that need to optimise IT performance without the huge costs associated with purchasing and managing a fully dedicated infrastructure.  For this reason they are a popular choice for small and mid-sized businesses, and those with variable demands and workloads. Cloud servers can be configured to provide a similar level of performance, security and control of a dedicated server, but instead of being hosted on physical hardware that’s solely dedicated to you they reside on a shared “virtualised” environment managed by your cloud hosting provider, meaning that you benefit from the economies of scale of sharing hardware with other customers.

A dedicated server is a physical server that is purchased or rented entirely for your own business needs, making it a great solution for large businesses, those that for regulatory reasons require exceptionally high levels of data security, or organisations that have predictable demand necessitating all of their servers running 24/7/365. Businesses would typically need the IT capacity and expertise to manage the ongoing maintenance. Whilst there is much debate as to the value of dedicated servers in the new world of Cloud, the reality is that there is still very much a need for bare metal dedicated hardware as businesses grapple with increased use of I/O-heavy applications such as databases and Big Data platforms.
answered Apr 14, 2015 by AfriDude (43,990 points)