How to delete your old emails when your mailbox is full?

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My email account is full and has exceeded the quota. I have tried login into webmail to delete old emails but it's not working. After login into webmail, an error stating that my mailbox is full is displayed. I have asked afrihost to give me access to my emails so I can make space but they are trying to force me to upgrade in order to delete my old emails. Why must I upgrade to delete my old emails? How is that different from a Ransomware? Upgrade/Pay or else you cannot access your emails... (I am still paying for emails every month by the way)

It looks like am not the only one complaining about this
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Good day 

It's unfortunate to hear that your experience has been less than adequate.

Please be advised that Afrihost's servers send alerts to clients for various reasons (for example, when someone changes their account settings or an account approaches a quota).

You may have received an email with the following warning:

‘Warning: This account has reached the maximum disk usage quota’.Once such notification is received, it is advisable to manage or delete files that you don't need on the server.

To keep our systems up and operating, file limits are imposed on shared and reseller hosting accounts. Hosting a high number of files on a shared web server can cause problems with the file system and degrade the backup system's performance when it comes to backing up and restoring data.

Please find a helpful link on 'What to do when you have reached your disk quota' .


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