How do I Retrieve router login details

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I need to disconnect people from my wifi through router ip but login details at the back of router is not working. How do I retrieve my login details even though I don't remember changing it
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Good Day Nella 

Afrihost's routers are pre-configured with Wi-Fi login details for your convenience,If you wish to change these details, it can be done by accessing the router and changing the details.

If you are struggling to access your router you may want to reset the router back to factory settings. The ‘reset’ button can be found on the back or bottom of the router.

IMPORTANT! You must be aware that resetting the router will change ALL settings back to default settings, including your network wireless name (SSID) and password. This will not reset the firmware to an earlier version.

How to reset your router

Please follow the steps below to reset your router:

  1. Turn the device on.
  2. Insert a paper clip or similar object into the hole on the back of the unit labelled ‘Reset’.
  3. Hold the paper clip down for 10 seconds and release.
  4. The unit will reboot. When the lights stop blinking, the unit has been reset.

If you would like to know on How to change your Huawei Fibre routers WiFi name and password , or How to change your D-Link routers Wi-Fi password please read our Help Centre article for more.

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