How do I make my Afrihost email my default in Outlook?

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Good Day

I have loaded my afrihost mail on my account as an imap as it alocates

this however does not allow me to make this account as a default in resalt i have to leave my old acount as the defaut wich no longer works

please can you assist
asked Apr 15, 2015 in Email Hosting by Nicoli

2 Answers

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To make an email account the default in Outlook 2007:

  •     Select Tools | Account Settings... from the menu.
  •     Highlight the desired account.
  •     Click Set as Default.
  •     Now click Close.

Outlook 2010-13:

  • Click File menu then select Info from the menu list
  • In the Info screen select Account Settings
  • Then navigate to Email tab in Account Settings window.
  • Now select the Account which needs to the default email account and click on the Set as Default link. This link will be enabled only after selecting an email account and which is not already set as default.

Once this is done, Outlook will enable you to delete the account if it not in use anymore. You might want to backup the mails before deleting any account that is inactive.

answered Apr 15, 2015 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
I know how to do that part but if i select it it says a imap cant be default email account
All email messages that you create in Outlook are sent from the POP3 (secondary) email account instead of the IMAP (primary) account. Additionally, email messages that are initiated outside Outlook by using Sendto or Simple MAPI are also sent by using the POP3 account instead of the IMAP account.
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Good morning Nicoli

That's very strange. Could you please attach a screenshot of your problem and post it here?

Just click on 'answer' and attach an image by clicking on 'image'.

Alternatively, send me an email at, and attach a screenshot of your problem :)

Have a good day

Kind regards, Roan
answered Apr 16, 2015 by Roro (1,330 points)