Can a Huawei B535 router be used with your LTE packages?

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Please note that Pure LTE (MTN) will only work on the above approved CAT6 devices listed below 

  • ZTE MF286 (A; C; D; R)
  • Huawei B525 (S-23A; S-65A; S-95A)
  • Huawei B612 (233; 533; S-25D; S-51D; S-52D)
  • Huawei B618 (22D; 65D; 66D)
  • Huawei B818 (263)

Pure LTE (MTN) FAQs:

For Telkom fixed LTE you need a specific Telkom LTE compatible router and the B535 should work since it is a CAT 7 router .

Some of the Telkom LTE compatible Huawei models are

  • Huawei B525 (Preferred model)
  • Huawei B315
  • Huawei B618
  • ZTE MF253

Telkom Fixed LTE Wireless FAQs


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