How to delete my domain and deactivate my account?

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How would I go about Deleting my domain & deactivating my email hosting account?
asked Apr 17, 2015 in Shared Hosting by anonymous
Sad to see you go. I hope it wasn't a bad experience with Afrihost.

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Afrihost operates month-to-month contracts. Either the Client or Afrihost may terminate the agreement, or a particular Service, by giving one calendar month’s notice to the other. For example if notice is given on the 15th of January, termination will take effect on the 1st of March. Particular Service Terms may allow for shorter notice periods. The Client must give notice of termination to Afrihost via the ClientZone. Cancellation of any Service is the Client’s responsibility and all tools to effect such cancellation are provided in the ClientZone. The Client is responsible for ensuring that such cancellation of service is actioned with due attention to terms of cancellation, as well as cancellation conditions which require the Client to specifically indicate a required process. Should the Client incorrectly complete the cancellation process, Afrihost will not be liable for any additional costs or compensation due to the error.

Please follow the bellow steps to cancel your domain:

  1. Log into ClientZone
  2. Click on Hosting
  3. Select the domain you want to cancel and click on it.
  4. Click on Edit Package
  5. On the right there's a Cancel Service button.
  6. Fill in the type of cancellation you want and before confirming read the outcome that comes with the cancellation.

Cancellation, by the Client or Afrihost, will result in any data being permanently removed from Afrihost’s servers. Clients are solely responsible for ensuring that backups are made of web content and email data, or any other data stored on their hosting space. Afrihost will not be liable for loss of data, or be obliged to provide any such data once the hosting contract term has expired. Any backups made by Afrihost will be made for legal purposes and not for data retention purposes and will not necessarily be made available to Clients on request.


answered Apr 17, 2015 by AfriDude (43,990 points)