How Long will shaping go on for in the Bromhof, Fontainbleau area?

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Seems there's a problem with telkom and we're (uncapped users) are being shaped in Bromhof (randburg) any Idea when the problem will be resolved?
asked Apr 22, 2015 in ADSL by Thinus

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It could be an issue with Telkom or the exchange you're connected to. You can open a ticket form ClientZone and get Afrihost to have a look for you.
answered Apr 22, 2015 by theeandre (32,960 points)
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Shaping applied on your connectivity is not time specific. The shaping on the network is managed by a devices that use a software to manage all the traffic on network. These are the devices that allow us to shape and manage all the different type of traffic protocols (such as peer-to-peer torrents etc) at different times depending on how much capacity is available on our network.
answered Apr 23, 2015 by AfriDude (43,950 points)
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It's still ongoing and the ISP has nothing to do with it.  After 5pm my 4mb line goes down to about 0.5mb irrespective of the ISP I'm using.  


Numerous complaints and tickets logged with Telkom and they're just ignoring the issue, it's got to a point where they close any call logged regarding this exchange as soon as it is logged.


So the short answer to your question, it doesn't seem like it will ever be resolved.
answered Sep 1, 2015 by VooDooC