Self Install DSL with telkom line managed by Afrihost vs mobile broadband unit

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I have a telkom line, and I have registered with Afrihost for ASDL to mange the line.  You have written to me to say that there is a self-install option.  However, the link you provide in the email goes to an error page.  When I looked up self-install on the telkom site it looked like I would have to pay around R450 a month - I'm assuming that this cost is part of the monthly subscription I am paying Afrihost for you to manage the line - so I am not sure what to do next?  Lastly, it appears that I am going to be waiting weeks for this service to become operational.  Is that right?

Can I switch to mobile broadband rather?  If I buy the mobile unit that you advertise can I switch my current account - dependent on the telkom line - to your mobile option?  What will it cost for me to have the equivalent of what I have ordered currently (a 4mbg business package) or something comparable?


asked Apr 30, 2015 in Lines by anonymous

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We only support DSL Self-Install, meaning Telkom connects your existing phoneline to the DSL system, but you setup your modem at home yourself. Which is why we only bill you for the DSL line management and not the installation fee. You will only be billed once the line is active on our end. The DSL line activation is dependent on the area work load.

Unfortunately you can't switch ADSL to Mobile data. You would need to sign up a different package for Mobile data. Firstly you would need to check your area for the coverage that you can get. This helps so you know the type of speeds you can expect on Mobile data. We also do not offer Uncapped on Mobile which is what you indicate you have signed up for. The biggest package you can get on Mobile data is the 20Gb for only R987 PM (Incl. VAT) and with an extra R99 PM you can get double the data you have signed up for.

answered Apr 30, 2015 by AfriDude (43,990 points)