Do I need a land line to sign up?

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asked Dec 11, 2014 in ADSL by anonymous

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Hi there

It depends on what you are signing up for. If it is for a DSL connectivity packages yes yo do need a landline. The only connectivity package that does not require a landline is the mobile data package. If you have a MTN contract you can sign up with your existing sim card and you can also get a sim and a device from us [Afrihost]. Please find below the links for our mobile data packages and the 3G/LTE devices that we are offering:

Mobile Data Packages:

Modile Devices:

Afrihost Team
answered Dec 11, 2014 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
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Yes unless its mobile
answered Dec 19, 2014 by Matthew Murdoch (65,110 points)