What do I need to sign up?

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asked Dec 11, 2014 in Client Zone by bruce crosson (160 points)

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Hi Bruce

It all depends on what you are signing up for.

1. DSL - You need an active Telkom landline. It does not need to be DSL ready because we can request the DSL activiation for you but it would be quicker if it was. If you would like the DSL rental to be managed by a different ISP it is also fine. You will still be able to connect using Afrihost. Afrihost can also manage your DSL line rental on your behalf, this means that if you are having any connectivity issues and you let us know, we will be able to do full troublshooting on both the connectivity package and the DSL line so that we can get the issue resolved. If the problem is on the DSL line we will be able to log a fault with Telkom for you. You also get the opportunity of signing up for a bundle and pay one price. A bundle is the connectivity package and the DSL line rental in one. The price of a bundle is a discount already.

2. Mobile data - You don't need anything with this connectivity product. If you have a contract with MTN you can sign up with your own cellphone number and we will allocate data to your cellphone number. However this one is tricky because for you to connect using Afrihost on your mobile device you need to set up the APN to Afrihost and make sure that it is set to be the default APN. If the APN is not set correct on your device you might incur charges on your contract plan with MTN.

If you don't have a contract with MTN you have nothing to worry about because you can still sign up for any of our mobile data packages and request a sim card from us with or without the 3G/LTE device. You can use the sim card in any device but you would need to configure the APN on the device you are using. You can also get the device theat is APN ready from us. You can use any of our devices, some devices can connect more than one mobile device to the internet.

3.1. Hosting - The hosting packages does not require much unless if you registering a domain with a special TLD which will need special special requirements, i.e domain.gov.za, you need to be part of the government and submit required documentation that will support your the TLD you registering for. You can sign an existing domain name with Afrihost on any of the packages that you want. You can also sign up for a hosting package without Afrihost being the registrant of your domain. Your Name Servers will still remain with your DNS host for your domain and the hosting of your website and mails would be Afrihost. You can signup for a poitning package which is basically redirecting your domain to a different website. When you type your domain in the address bar it will redirect to the website you have pointed to. You can also sign up just for parking which is mostly used to reserve your domain name to use it at a later stage.

3.2. Server Hosting - You can get a cloud server or a dedicated server with us with the operating system of your choice on the list that we provide. You can either make it self-managed or managed. Wtih self-managed we can assist you to resolve any issue you are having on the server. With managed, we resolve all the issues related to the server for you.

For more information kindly visit our website at https://www.afrihost.com/

I hope this answers your qustions.

Afrihost Team
answered Dec 11, 2014 by AfriDude (43,990 points)