What is your average upload speed for a 2 Mbps line?

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Been with Afrihost for a long time.

Recently  my average upload speed is below 10kbs  and I am fed up.

I have a 2 mb line and of course it was not always so slow. It was normally 30-40kbs and now if I get speed higher than 20kb I should feel extremely blessed.  For those who are not sure what we use upload speed for, well it is basically everything.  To go little bit more in detail if you skype call with somebody and  your upload speed is low they will hear a massive delay while you will hear them perfectly fine  because your download speed is not effected and any way.  You can also experience  extremely slow browsing etc..

I have on numerous occasions mailed Afrihost  ask them to please assist with this problem. Needless to say they did not resolve this. The first answer I received from them said the following (please note this a employee working their )  I too have a 2 mb line and is also receive the same upload speed so please understand this is normal. This is total rubbish a 2mb line should defiantly not have an average upload speed of less than 10kb. So either this person is lying or he/she has no internet knowledge or Afrihost is  total rip off with their 2 mb lines.  I tried my best to settle this matter in email but nothing was resolved.

So let settle this: Afirhsot can you please post on this question what average upload speed one should expect if they purchases  a 2mb line from you.

Now everybody reading this can see what they should except from afrihost. No more lies. If you would like to check your speed please use this: http://speedtest.net/

If anybody else experiencing similar issue please comment I would love to hear it.



asked May 7, 2015 in ADSL by Charl
Hi Charl,

Seeing as I am not Afrihost, I could not ANSWER the question on their behalf, however I would like to point out that Telkom is rubbish. Their exchanges are congested, they have terrible to no customer service, and all Telkom employees seem to not want to do their jobs correctly if at all.

Let's not blame Afrihost for this, as Afrihost is also a victim to Telkom's atrocious service, or lack thereof.

To properly test your ADSL line, why not create a free account at one of the other Internet Service Providers and compare their upload speeds with what you are getting now. It might not solve the problem, but it could isolate it to the company at fault (probably Telkom).

Good luck and keep us posted, please!
I have had the same experience at first my upload speed was brilliant and above 35kbs constantly. I play dota and quite often, and with upload speed which was always 512kbps changing to 256kbps my ping went from 15-18ms to 48-52ms, I asked afrihost a few times why this has happened and waited a few days for replies, evently they told me this was set by telkom at their exchange near me so then I tried contacting Telkom and eventually getting hold of them they told me they will have to sent someone out and check, the technical resetted the port and did absolutely nothing, later on he told me he spoke to someone who said I should upgrade to a 4mb line to get the upload speed because you only get 10% of your download speed. I told him this was rubbish as I know people who have a exact same setup and their upload speed sit on 512kbps. So now I emailed afrihost again and waiting patiently for their response.
Has this been resolved? I am having the same issue. Afrihost said they will contact telkom on my behalf to check the exchange but nothing happend from this?  Can more people  please comment here if they have the same issue
After fighting a month with Telkom and Afrihost, I still don't have a clear answer. In the meantime, I went to a 4mbps line and my upload speed is back to 512kb/s (Go for a 4MB line if you can, it is a dream to stream youtube in 1080p and my ping in Dota is 11-19ms). The best I could figure out why this is happening is because there are limited ports at the exchange, and if another customer wants to upgrade  the line they will move you down from an ADSL2 port (Which supports 24mbps) to older exchange hardware g.dmt (Which only supports a max of 8mbps download speed) and I think this might be the reason why upload speeds are suffering.
I am really happy for you. So is the only way getting your proper line speed to upgrade :/ ?
Yes...seems like it because you'll just be told you can only get 10% upload speed of your download speed, which is bull because I know 2other people with 2mbps lines and their upload speed is 512kbps aswell.
In a few years they going to drop the 4mb line speed also watch

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Good day everybody.  I just would like to say my English is not the best  :)
Okay let me answer this forms question. What is the average upload speed you should expect from a 2mb line. Well
With a rough calculation Charl seems to be correct your max upload speed will be around 0.60. So on average day you should expect something around 0.30-0.40. On a great day it should be 0.40- 0.50 ( Chances you get full speed is almost never) a bad day would be anything from 0.20-0.30. If you go below 0.20 this is deffently a major problem.  you will start experiecing delay/lag. If your upload speed is 0-0.10  using your internet wil be almost an impsobilbe taks. You will have major delay and lag issues  and it will cause heavy fustrations.

Please keep in mind that if you do a speed test and it is below 0.20 dont stress . Lines speed goes up and down (lots of diffrent factors can cause this) , BUT if you do say a speed test every 20 mins for 2 hours and your average is a bad speed it could be that you  are experiencing the same issue as Charl. I hope my answer helped somebody. Please  a use speed test example(http://speedtest.net/) Check your speed and be sure that your line is preforming correctly

answered May 10, 2015 by PieterE (450 points)
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Upload is set on Telkom's DSL infrastrcuture. Upload speed of the line is 8 to 10 percent of the download speed of your DSL line. 20 and 40Mbps will also have higher uploads, but these may differ if using ADSL+ rather than VDSL (where you should be restricted to 1Mbps as opposed to 2Mbps or 4Mbps on 20 and 40Mbps respectively).
answered May 8, 2015 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
If we manage your DSL line we will be able to contact Telkom with the download speed not the upload. The upload is entirely handled by Telkom.
Thank you AfriDude , but could please give an average upload speed to expect if everything is working fine? It seems like charl  knows what he is talking about but I would like to know from an expert. (meaning a person working at afrihost) I am also curious what the correct value should be. I am not 100% sure but i think Charl created this entire post to get that value and i dont fully understand why dont have it yet. At least  now everybody reading this can check their connection speed and see if they are getting the correct speed.  I would just like to thank Charl for this post Betelgeuse i am sure it is going to help a lot of people when afridude shares the information. :) thank you
Hi Johan
Yes you are 100% correct. The entire point of this forum was to get Afrihost sate what your upload speed should be on a 2 mb more or less.
Ofcourse this value does not have to be written in stone but more of a guide line. I really do hope this post can help other people that have similar issues or wondering if they are getting correct upload/download speeds. Nobody wants to pay for something they don't get :D
If anybody else is getting the same issue give this post a thumbs up and lets help each other :D
We do not have a set average value for the upload speed. However the minimum value is 64Kbps and the maximum value is 512Kbps. (The min upstream speed governed by the DSLAM at which it communicates to customer's router.)

DSL speeds will be provided on a best-effort basis, subject to Telkom line constraints and demand on the Afrihost network at any given point.
AfriDude I have a few questions:
If you minimum speed is 64 that is about (0.08)  Johans says he is experiencing 0.09. These speeds are extremely   slow almost Dial Up speed. This cause a major red flag seeing that people are getting dialup speed with a  2mb line. you said "If we manage your DSL line we will be able to contact Telkom with the download speed not the upload. The upload is entirely handled by Telkom"  So what must your clients do to resolve this?? I know this speed falls under your minimum but say the problem was download speed instead of upload speed. The person is getting an average of 0.50 (with a 2 mb line) instead of i 1.6. I am sure 0.50 falls under your minimum download speed but surely some actions will be taken to resolve this right???