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Good day.  I currently make use of the Siver Hosting pro and my own domain.  I also make use of Google Apps for Business, so my Afrihost account's MX records point emails to my Google Apps account.  However I have no immediate intention to set up my own website, so I would like to downgrade my Afrihost account to only make use of my domain, and to keep my MX and related settings the same through Afrihost.  If I choose the Bronze Email or 'Domain Parking' options, will these keep all my current settings and usage intact?

asked May 9, 2015 in Email Hosting by MJ

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The settings shouldn't change when you downgrade to a smaller hosting package. If you however downgrade to Parking, your DNS settings could change because Parking package does not have any DNS on the domain but we could change it to the current settings and keep it that way until you request or change the current DNS settings. Packing package is a package without hosting and DNS. It is just to reserve the domain name. Because the domain will be on parking you will not have access to the DNS on the domain or to edit them. We from the Administrator user are able to make those changes and we will gladly assist you.
answered May 11, 2015 by AfriDude (43,970 points)