Can I move to Afrihost+ & degrade my original double data pack?

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I am not really linking Afrihost + as it is adding weight on pocket. Can I degrade my existing double data plan from 2+2 to 1+1 ?. I will be getting 500 MB free anyway in Afrishost + which will make my net GB to 2.5 from 4 original..
asked Dec 12, 2014 in Billing by Vab

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Yes you can degrade the package before the next billing run (25th)

If you are downgrading mid month it will be effective of the next month on the first.

If you are upgrading it will be immediate as the data will be allocated with the current data.

E.G if you have 2+2GB (+500MB) and upgrade to 4+4GB (+500MB) we will just allocate the difference.

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answered Dec 13, 2014 by A Game (3,180 points)
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You can downgrade at any time before the 25th of any month (which is when billing is generated).

Maybe consider though that the standard rate for 1GB Mobile Data is R99. So you if you are on Mobile One, the extra R99 pays for your double data, and then the extra 500MB and simfy plus 2 for 1 topups are Free. If you're on 2GB, then you're getting two GB's for R99 (R49.90 ea) plus everything else free.

So it's actually pretty easy on the pocket if you think about it that way. Also, you're getting double data (on Mobile Two and higher) at a per GB rate that is the same or cheaper than top up rates on 2 for 1, so it's definitely worth weighing up before you make your decision :)
answered Dec 15, 2014 by Zappa (550 points)