Why does my email bounce

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I posted a question here this morning about other servers that have blocked - according to them Afrihost server because of some virus. I expected some reaction directly to me but someboyd phoned my husband (whose tel no is not on the system as contact number - and asked him questions. My husband was called in the middle of work appointment did not know of my query. The person said that he will wait for feedback if he does not get any he will consider it solved. Well, being in the middle of work, my husband could not hear what this was all about or even who it was who called.

As this is an open forum, I do not want to give my number. It is on the system as contact number for our account. GP Prinsloo - www.runaprinsloo.co.za. Call that number or email me to the contact email on your system.
asked May 18, 2015 in Email Hosting by anonymous

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It will depend on the specifics of the issue. Sometimes on Shared Hosting, someone also hosted on that server may have sent Spam emails which may have resulted in the Shared Server's IP being listed by one or more widely used Spam authorities. However, we are generally able to de-list the IP once we have traced the cause and the hosting account responsible for the Spam.

We generally scan for any IP blacklisting on an ongoing basis and work towards having those listings removed as quickly as possible, so it's possible that we are already addressing this and your services will resume as normal.
answered May 19, 2015 by AfriDude (43,970 points)
Thanks AfriDude. This gives me reasons and now I understand. Thank you. However the problem has been going for about a month now on & off. I know the frequent culprit is hotmail and a client of mine whose webpage/mail has wordpress content. I dont know the host.

What must I do if the problem continues? How long must I wait until I try sending with my email again? Using my gmail does not come across as professional.