Why is the sim card only for data and not for calls and sms

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I have a new sim card and must change it in my phone to make and receive sms and calls. How do I change this?
asked May 25, 2015 in Air Mobile by Moegamat

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In 2009 we started selling ADSL data and within a year Afrihost grew to be one of the top 3 ADSL service providers in the country. Afrihost’s rapid and continued growth led to their decision to join forces with MTN in 2012. By joining the biggest telecoms network on the continent, Afrihost has ensured that their clients will enjoy the benefits of MTN’s scale and investment in innovation, while their network grows to meet the needs of the ever-increasing number of clients moving towards Afrihost’s attractive pricing and superior client service. We started selling Mobile Data in 2013 as a start to offering mobile services. One of the big reasons behind our partnership with MTN was to broaden the scope of the value we could add to our client's overall experience. It would be a great opportunity to give clients more value and integration of their services if we could offer a comprehensive voice and data package on Mobile, and I can say it's something we've been thinking about for some time. I can't give you more indication than that, but I would definitely watch this space for some great stuff on the horizon.
answered May 25, 2015 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
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Dude, I don’t advise you to use your number to receive confirmation codes, because you can’t be sure of confidentiality. Think these sites can just sell the database with numbers and get a lot of money from hackers. To avoid problems later, you better just use service for receiving SMS on a one-time number. Yes, it costs money, but adequate and your safety is most expensive. Besides, this is one of the most reliable and popular services that provide such services,I'm talking about www.mobilesms.io . So in a friendly way I recommend that you familiarize yourself and think carefully about whether you are ready to risk your data.

answered Sep 5, 2019 by jakarta (140 points)
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you can receive sms online with a disposable phone number from textita


answered May 17, 2021 by irishgeoff (140 points)
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What is the cellular provider you're using now and what you're planning to buy? I want to change the provider exactly for the same reason ... I am thinking over switching to MetroPCS, I even found metropcs customer service to clarify all the details. 

answered May 29, 2021 by Damian999 (1,700 points)