Want adsl but only have the adres no landline number

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Good day


I would like to enquire about installing a adl line in the new house were moving in to. Were about to rent the house but struggling to get the telephone number for the adres.  Ive phoned 1023 but they dont have a number for the listing.  If you can advise me please on the steps i need to take to instal an adl line and the time it would take to do so.  If its possible can you ping the line and find out if its just rental thats neeeded or if it will require me to instal a line aswell.


Thank you

Manie Botha
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Hi Manie

To install an ADSL line you would firstly need to get Telkom to install a physical line for you. Only once the line is active then we can start requesting Telkom to install DSL services on that line for you. To check DSL availability in your area without a number kinly use the below address:


You would need to sign up on our website once the the line is active. We will send your request for DSL conversion to Telkom. This process takes 14 to 30 working days to complete but during that tme you will not be bileed until the line is active on our end, which will activate the data package automatically. The line can be converted within a week or two depending on the Telkom workload in your area. After that we wait for the management of the line to move over to us and the order is complete. Once the line is converted you can start using the line while we wait for the order to complete and transfer to us. It would also be a good time to test if the line does not have any defects on it while the order is still pending. Once you the line has been converted and Telkom will send you a message to let you know that the line is converted and you should test it. You would need to contact us to let us know about it and we will activiate your data account or sign you up for a free gig to test if the line is working fine.
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Thanks for the quick response

All the information is very helpful.  One thing can you remotly ping the adres 14 william nicol str, SW1 , Vanderbijlpark to see if the line is active?  The previous owner did hav wireless but i meen it can be mobile data aswell.  Cant get hold of him to find out aswell.

Looking forward to your response
Hi Manie, Sadly they won't be able to remotely "ping" The address. They will only be able to get a status from Telkom using your Telkom order number, Or you can ask Telkom Directly, As they do install the infrastructure.