Does Afrihost help with applying for a telkom internet line and how much does that cost?

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I have just moved into a new house and I am looking at getting internet through Afrihost. How do I go about finding out what the current line telephone number is and will Afrihost be able to help me with this type of application as I dont see chance to work with Telkom myself?


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asked May 29, 2015 in Lines by anonymous

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You would firstly need to get an active telephone line from Telkom. Once Telkom has activated your line you would then sign up with us for a DSL Bundle. We will request Telkim to install DSL services on the which could up to 30 working days to complete. Once the DSL services has been installed you would than comfigure your router to your Afrihost details and you will be connected. The DSL line conversion is subject to Telkoms work load in your area.
answered Jun 1, 2015 by AfriDude (43,990 points)