Need to know high speed internet rate and charge

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I have been working as a research paper writer in one of the leading best research writing service in USA for the past 8 years.My company has decided to start a new branch in the african country of South Africa. In the african office,my company has decidedto use the fastest internet service and for that i have been appointed as incharge to decide which company internet to be installed in the office. I have came to know, that afrihost is one of the top three fastest internet providers of the african continent.So, I request you to give methe tariffof for which rate the highest speed of internet will be provided by your company and what is the maximmun speed of internet provided by your company i need to know,because we need the speed in order to give fast service to our customers andmoney is not a matter.please guide me by sharing your viewsand ideas.

asked May 30, 2015 in Billing by laurafrazier (180 points)

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The best way to get information about the highest speed that you will he able to receive is from Telkom. The Telkom infrastructure in the area where your offices are situated will give an indication of the maximum possible speeds. You would need to request this information. From Telkom.

The highest possbile speed on our Mobile Data packages is Let coverage on the MTN network. You would need to use the given link below to check if you can get LTE where your officea are situated.
answered Jun 1, 2015 by AfriDude (43,950 points)