I want to give some of my data away.

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Hi. I would like to transfer my promotional mobile apn data package to another number. Is this possible?
asked Jun 12, 2015 in Air Mobile by anonymous

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Yes it is possible. Below i will show the steps to assign the Promotional Mobile data that comes with the Afrihost Plus+ package. You would need to log into ClientZone to assign the Promotional Data.

  1. Once logged into ClientZone click on the Other Services.
  2. Click on Afrihost Plus+.
  3. Click on Mobile Data
  4. There are 3 options to choose to assign the Promotional Data to: Existing package, Existing SIM Card or New SIM card.
  5. Select Existing SIM card if you want to assign to another SIM/person.
  6. Activate Free Data and that it.
  7. Configure the APN on the device that will be using the data and wait 72 hours for activation and you will be able to connect.

That's how you activate the Promotional Data on a different SIM card with Afrihost Plus+.

answered Jun 12, 2015 by AfriDude (43,950 points)