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On the 28th of November I requested a line speed upgrade with Afrihost as my line is managed by them. Now to do this they needed to migrate back to Telkom, upgrade the line and then migrate back. On the 1st of December Afrihost confirmed that in the process they could not upgrade my line since I'm probably to far away from the Exchange. Anyway knowing what a mess any line issues are with Afrihost, I spoke to Ruan P on the 2nd and have the transcript copy where he confirmed that my line has been returned to Afrihost.

Today I get my Telkom bill, and they are charging me for the whole of December and half of January (their billing cycle), when I query this with Afrihost they just say that my line is with them and I must take it up with Telkom. Incidentally an hour later I get an email from Afrihost thanking me for moving my line to them! So now I'm stuck with a R1000 bill just for my line this month and Afrihost doesn't want to help or take responibility. My question is this, who can I escalate this to without being passed from one person to the next?
asked Dec 17, 2014 in ADSL by Aquiva (260 points)

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Morning Aquiva

This is really sad and im sorry that you had to go through such. I have had a look at your account and could see what happened. Afrihost does not need to send your line back to Telkom for an upgrade even when you are far from the exchange. If you are far from the exchange Telkom will give the same results that you will not be able to get the requested speed. All issues on your account have now been rectified and a credit of R399.00 has been passed for the month December 2014 on our side. Once the line is with us Telkom will also credit you and only bill you pro-rata for the time the line was with them.

From here on you don't need to contact anyone. All you need to do is to check your statement in client zone at the begining of the new month to see the credit that has been passed on your account.

Please accept our sincere apologies for all the inconvenience caused.

Afrihost Team
answered Dec 18, 2014 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
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If you were billed by Telkom for ADSL and by Afrihost for ADSL for the same time period, then send a copy of your Telkom statement to Afrihost and ask them to calculate the correct adjustment.  You'll have to make circles and things around the relevant bits, because Telkom bills are inspired by SARS for indecipherability.

It is odd that you are R1000 in the red - the most expensive ADSL line Telkom sells is R599 per month for a 40Mbps line.  If you did happen to order the installation of a new line, that might  explain how they managed to get to R1000.  Afrihost could set the speed of my line without moving things back to Telkom - I don't know why it's different for you.

answered Dec 18, 2014 by Bananaman (5,410 points)
I already did send it to Afrihost but still no progress, they said I must take it up with Telkom as Telkom should do the refund! Let met break down the +-R100 fro you:

Line Rental December:
Afrihost: R399
Telkom: R425
+ Telkom Pro-Rata Line Rental for the billing period 1- 15 Jan: R200

so as you can see it is over R1000!
Ah, I thought you were saying that you had paid R1000 extra - that didn't make any sense.