Cancelling telkom dsl service

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Hi i have dsl fastest line rental with telkom for R425 pm. but i would like to sign up with afrihost on  the bundle package that includes the line: 4mbps uncapped unshaped business for R797 pm.

How does it work does afrihost cancel the R425pm that i pay telkom on my behalf or must I first cancel with telkom and my ISP then sign up with afrihost on the package. I know mweb informs telkom to cancel the R425 on my behalf when taking a package with dsl with them.
asked Jun 18, 2015 in General by Raees
note also telkom is not my internet service provider it is currently gamco but the dsl line R425 pm is with telkom.

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You would need to sign up for a bundle of your choice with us and we will send your request for DSL Migration to Telkom. This process takes up to 14 working days to complete but during that tme you will not be billed until the line is active on our end, but you will be able to use the data. This process is dependant on the Telkom workload in your area. Don't cancel anything with Telkom. As long as you don't have a data account with them this process should be smooth.
answered Jun 19, 2015 by AfriDude (43,950 points)