What is pro rata discount?

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asked Dec 18, 2014 in Billing by aldo

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Hi Aldo,

I hope you are well. The pro-rata discount is the discount applied to your billing relating to the day of the month you sign up for the package. If you sign up for a package that costs R299 a month and you sign up for this package on the 14th of the month you will not be using the product for the full month and there we do not charge you the full monthly price. In this regard if your package is a capped or limited data package, the data allocated to you would also be at a pro-rata amount IE you would not receive the entire data allocation for the month.

I hope I have provided you with some valuable information.


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answered Dec 18, 2014 by Syb3r1us (1,220 points)
Thanks for this clarification, this has always been a mystery to me.
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Thank you for your very informative answer Syb3r1us  you are totally correct.

So to break this down a little more 2 examples here would be:

4 Mbps Uncapped R397.00pm

If this package was signed up on the 14th of November and there are 30 days in the month
we would divide the full price by 30 which would be R13.23 per day x 16 remaining days

= Pro Rata cost of R211.68 approx.

(Please be aware there is no pro rata data allocation as this is an unlimited package)

50GB Capped Account R199.00pm

The same would apply with this package if it was signed up on the 14th so R199.00
divided by 30 (R6.63 per day) x 16 days remaining in the month

= Pro Rata cost of R106.08 approx.

(The only difference here would be the pro rata data allocation which would be 50GB
divided by 30 (1.67GB per day) x 16 days remaining which would be a data allocation of
26.72GB approx for the remainder of the month).

I hope this clears up all of your question now and if you have any others please let
us know :)


answered Dec 18, 2014 by Afri-Accounts (1,010 points)