do you supply wireless internet and what areas locations ect

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Yes we do.  You can use our coverage map as a guideline to the areas (within the Republic of South Africa) that will be covered, and by which services. RICA is required if you sign up for a SIM card from us, or you can skip the RICA process and use your own MTN SIM card. For RICA:

You will need to have your original barcoded Identity Document or the foreign passport you used to sign up (including any support documents). You will also need a valid proof of residence which can be a utility or retail invoice (no older than 3 months) or a valid lease agreement (no older than 12 months). You will need to produce the original documents, as well as copies for our courier to take. The copies do not need to be certified as the courier will compare them to the originals in your presence.

VERY IMPORTANT: The person who signed up the package (and whose ID is presented) must be present to receive the package, as this is part of the RICA process.

VERY VERY IMPORTANT: For any lost documents, like ID's, we will require an affidavit and a temporary replacement

Mobile Data Packages;

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