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I have a ADSL line managed by AH with the landline by Telkom.

I will now be moving soon and am wondering what I need to do?

Do I cancel all lines and reaply or is there a way to transfer the line.

asked Jun 23, 2015 in General by anonymous

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At present we don't offer a relocation process, as this is handled by Telkom and there are many complications if the number changes or you are not able to get DSL ports in your new location.

We do however offer a relocate option in the cancellation process. The difference with this option is that we allow you to specify a custom date that your line should be migrated back to Telkom, so that you do not have to wait until month end for this to be processed and can coincide with your move. Thereafter yo must liaise with Telkom directly to have the line ported and a new (or existing) number assigned.

Please folloe the steps below to move the line back to Telkom so that they can relocate your telephone and DSL line.

  1. Log into Client Zone
  2. Click on Connectivity
  3. Select the Connectivity line you want to move back to Telkom for the relocate.
  4. Click on Cancel
  5. Select the option to Relocate and select the date.

After this we will process the order to move your line back to Telkom and once complete you will receive a notification that the order is complete. Once Telkom has relocated your line, you need to either sign up if the line number has changed or contact us to re-activate if you still have the same number.

answered Jun 23, 2015 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
Is this process still the same ? We move just down the street to another house and are keeping the same number. As I understand I have to migrate back to Telkom first.