I am looking for the double your data option. Where do I find it?

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I would like to buy a mobile device retailing for R1599 with the sim and registration option. I have already registered to use client zone. How do I sign up for double data or is the promotion over?
asked Jun 23, 2015 in General by anonymous

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You would need to sign up any of the Mobile Data packages and activate Afrihot Plus+ in ClientZone. With Afrihost Plus + you get permanent double data, 500MB Mobile Data extra on your mobile, Permanent 2-for-1 Topups Capped DSL Soft Capping on your mobile or cappped DSL package, and Double Uncapped DSL Turbocharges if you have an uncapped account. Double data is set to end at the end of December 2014 but we are still waiting for confirmation.
answered Jun 23, 2015 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
December 2014 or December 2015? Set to end...