I do not understand all of the features on the Billing tab in my Clientzone

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asked Jun 24, 2015 in Billing by Marcus

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Good Morning Marcus

Thank you for your question. 

I have added below the features in the Billing Tab of your ClientZone which will hopefully assist you.


Manage Payment Details

·         Allows you to view the current payment details you have on the system with Afrihost

·         Edit your current payment details (Credit Card and Debit/Cheque  accounts

·         Add a new payment Method i.e Credit or Debit/Cheque account


View Invoices

·         All invoices raised against your Afrihost account can be viewed and downloaded from here


Account History

·         This tab will enable you to print a statement for your Afrihost account which will show all activity. You are free to pick the dates as far back as you wish


This feature is very useful due to the fact that a statement shows all activity on an Afrihost account including:

·         All charges raised against the account

·         All refunds that have been passed to you (If any have been raised)

·         All credits passed against the account (If any have been passed)


Settle My Account


Resubmit Debit Order

·         If due to a failed debit order (in the current month) you have an outstanding amount this feature can be used to resubmit a debit order to your bank bringing               your Afrihost account back into good order


Once off Payment


·         As a client you can either settle an outstanding amount on your Afrihost account with the added feature of being able to pick when the funds are taken from               your bank account with either a Cheque or Credit Card or you can make a future payment. The amount you can pay in advance for your Afrihost account can             be any amount that suits your need. The “credit” will now stay on your account and be used towards future payments until it has been used up


Immediate Payment

                         Acts the same as “Once off Payment” with the difference of not being able to make a future payment nor pick the date you would like the funds to leave                                        your bank account (All payments done this way are immediately submitted to your bank). If the feature of resubmitting a debit order has been removed                                        due to the time it has taken to settle an account the immediate payment option is the only way to bring your account back into good order.


I hope this helps you in the future :)


answered Jun 24, 2015 by Afri-Accounts (1,010 points)