How do i switch from Telkom to you?

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I'm unhappy with Telkom as my ISP and wish to switch to you. How do I go about this and how quickly can I switch? Their service and uncaring nature is driving me up the wall.
asked Jun 27, 2015 in General by Ricco

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You would need to sign up for a bundle with us and we will send your request for DSL migration to Telkom. This process takes up to 14 working days to complete but during that time you will not be billed until the line is active on our end, which will activate the data package automatically. The line can be converted within a week or two depending on the Telkom workload in your area. After that we wait for the management of the line to move over to us and the order is complete. Once the line is converted you can start using the line while we wait for the order to complete and transfer to us. It would also be a good time to test if the line does not have any defects on it while the order is still pending. Once you the line has been converted and Telkom will send you a message to let you know that the line is converted and you should test it. You would need to contact us to let us know about it and we will activiate your data account or sign you up for a free gig to test if the line is working fine


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answered Jul 5, 2015 by theeandre (32,960 points)