How do i change my password?

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asked Jul 9, 2015 in General by dimi3

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Hi there,

Log into the client zone, then choose My Connectivity, then DSL Data Packages (might be slightly different on yours), then Access Details.

A pop-up will appear showing your current password - change it here then click "Update Details".

You'll need to change this in your router settings and then cycle (reboot) your router to use the new password.

Hope that helps!


answered Jul 10, 2015 by Jasonnm (180 points)
How do I get to change the router?
You'll need to use Google to find the exact instructions, as each brand of router is a bit different. But in general:
- on any device (laptop, desktop, tablet or phone) connected to the wifi, open your browser and type the address (this is the bit that is different between routers)
- once in the router management screen, find the section called WAN settings (or something similar)
- You should find the details you need to change, your username will be your Afrihost one, and you can amend your password to your new one.

Hope that helps - difficult to be more specific, as every router is different, but try putting the make and model of router into a Google search and this should help you.