How do I access my afrihost 3g data if I have existing mtn sim and 3g modem and mtn data on my mtn contract

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.I am considering adding a afrihost 1gig bundle to my current 2gig data  mtn contract.I have a 3g modem and router.How will access the afrihost data ?

I want to use the exsisting sim card.


Regards Donovan
asked Jul 12, 2015 in General by Donovan

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If you have an existing MTN contract, you can link your Mobile Data account to your Afrihost package that you select. You will need to open a ticket on clientzone to have a consultant set this up for you.

To swap between your MTN data and your Afrihost data, you will need to change your APN settings from 'internet' (MTN) to 'afrihost' (Afrihost).

Most devices allow you to create profiles and you can create a profile for MTN and a profile for Afrihost.
answered Jul 13, 2015 by theeandre (32,960 points)
Can one do this for an MTN mobile contract on a phone rather than a modem router set up?