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I want to transfer all my domains from my hosting company in the US to Afrihost. How do i go about it? Also, if i want to transfer from Afrihost how do i go about it and what happens to my website? Do i get a back of the website and mails?
asked Dec 19, 2014 in Shared Hosting by warmhands (470 points)

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Hi WarmHands

Below is the steps you would normally follow to transfer your domain from one host to another.

1. First find out what the cancellation procedure is with the current host.

2. Ask current host for website/email backups, if needed. A full backup is sometimes called a cpmove file, you can also request for one of these.

3. Signup for the package of you choice on our side,, during signup select the transfer option (Not new registration or Self Manage)

4. We will submit the transfer request.

5. You can provide us with the backups so we can assist with moving the content for the emails/website to our server.

6. The transfer request is accepted.

7. People view website that is now on our server.

To transfer your domain away from Afrihost you will need to follow the steps listed below:

1. Cancel your hosting package in the clientzone and mention the name of the hosting company you are transferring to when you are asked. (Please note we don't accept emails as confirmations for cancellations.)
2. Contact our accounts department  on 011 612 7200 or and ask them to authorize the transfer away of your domain. Please ensure that you have settled all outstanding payments with our accounts department so that they may authorize the domain to transfer away.

3. After you have done all of the above you can send the transfer request and our system will automatically accept the transfer ticket or it will be sent directly to you for domains. For international domains you will need to let us know so that we can unlock your domain and send you the auth code.

You will get all your backups in cPanel for both website and emails with Linux hosting and with Windows you need to make your own website backup. Emails run on a Linux server for both Linux and Windows. You will get cPanel acceas on Windows as well.

Afrihost Team
answered Dec 19, 2014 by AfriDude (43,950 points)
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I would like to thanks afrihost team for illuminating the whole process in such prearranged way. I was also willing to switch my favorite domain name from previous host to afrihost but didn’t know the appropriate steps. Thanks again!!

answered Feb 14, 2015 by craigcaldwell (140 points)