Firmware upgrade for Billion Bipac 7402GX

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How do I upgrade the Billion Bipac, I believe some of them are shipped with a buggy firmware version.

Where can I download the working firmware from?
asked Jul 22, 2015 in Devices by spearman (370 points)

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If the Billion model is shipped with the firmware version is v6.04e.dg9 - it is most likely buggy.

You need to "downgrade" to v6.04e.dg6. You can confirm the version under the status page on the Billion's web interface.

To downgrade:

  1. download the dg6 version here
  2. open the Billion's web interface, you can go to the firmware menu under advanced, & browse for the file you just downloaded
  3. run the firmware upgrade - which is technically a downgrade of versions
  4. once completed, you still need to factory reset the router [you will lose all settings & will need to reconfigure everything again]
  5. you can do this by restarting the router from the web interface - & chose the "reset to factory default" [the firmware versions do not get changed so  you will remain with the stable version you just downgraded to
  6. you can then reconfigure your router will all the fresh new settings, on a stable firmware version
  7. remember that the port forwarding rules still need to be created only via telnet for this model, & not via the web interface, even on the new [older] firmware version
answered Jul 22, 2015 by oscar (370 points)
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