So can an IPC not maintained, or upgraded.. render our internet experience slow?

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asked Dec 19, 2014 in ADSL by anonymous

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Hi There.

Thanks for your question. The answer to your query is Yes, if IPC is not maintained or there isn't sufficient capacity one would have a slow internet experience. However in saying yes the answer is not as simplistic as that.

We can view IPC as capacity. Imagine that you have a two lanes on a major highway its 7:30am and everyone is trying to rush to work. A major accident occurs and they shut down one lane. The highway usually takes about 100cars per hour on this busy road however as the one lane is blocked we start to experience a traffic jam and the driving experience is slowed down. It is still the same amount of cars, yet the capacity to take them is lessened.

IPC is exactely the same. We however at the present moment have more then enough capacity on our network to take the traffic that we are experiencing. The network is not congested thus you should not be experiencing slow access. The slow internet experience may be isolated to your specific connection. In order for us to troubleshoot this kindly run a few diagnostics to check and ascertain what is possibly causing your slow internet.

1. Firstly are you using a wired or wireless connection? If wireless are you in close proximity to your modem

2. What modem type do you have, is it an old modem? Have you recently actioned any software upgrades?Slow internet connections can result from using an outdated or damaged wireless router. Invest on the latest technology to get the best performance. Bad cabling can also affect your connection speed, so replace any worn-out wiring and loose connections.

3. Have you got a capped or uncapped DSL package. If uncapped remember you may experience shaping depending on what type of services you are trying to connect to. Real-time(eg; normal google search, emails)  versus non-real time(bit-torrents). Is your internet slow with all protocols?

4. A webpage hosted in a part of the world close to your location loads much faster than one that is hosted in a faraway geographical area. In addition, if you access a website or a server on the internet that is also simultaneously being viewed by thousands or millions of people, then the webpage loads much slower than a similar page with low online traffic. The type of website you visit also influences how fast the webpage loads. Websites composed of text documents, for example, load much faster than websites that host movie files.

5. Attenuation. In lamens terms loss of signal strength over distance. The further away you are from the exchange the more signal will be lost thus causing slow access on your end. A bad ADSL line will also impact your speed.

ADSL is indeed a best effort service and many factors are in play which effect your overall throughput.


I hope that the above was useful. Please do revert back to us should you still have further queries. You can also log a support ticket via so that a consultant can further troubleshoot your connection.

Have a blessed xmas:-)


answered Dec 22, 2014 by Basani.M