What do I need in order to have ADSL?

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asked Dec 21, 2014 in ADSL by Anonymous

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There are a few requirements that must be met in order to use an ADSL connection.


1.  A Telkom Voice line, physically installed and active with a monthly subscription fee paid directly to Telkom.  Afrihost does not manage this portion of your line.

2.  A DSL subscription activated on your now enabled Telkom Voice line.  This can be done directly through Telkom.  Alternatively, to make Afrihost your single point of contact for all ADSL queries, this service can be applied for directly on the Afrihost website or the ClientZone as a standalone product or bundled with requirement 3.

3.  An ISP Data account.  This account determines the amount of data allocated for use on a monthly basis, as well as any potential shaping policies that may be applied in accordance with any Terms of Service or Acceptable Usage Policy that is agreed upon when signing up.

Capped, Uncapped and Business ADSL packages are examples of Data Accounts.


Additionally to this, network equipment (ADSL Router) will need to be purchased in order to utilize your ADSL connection.  A router can be purchased directly from Afrihost, or from computing retailers.
answered Dec 21, 2014 by Daniel.vdh (740 points)