Why does my internet light not come on?

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Why does my internet light on my router not come on, even though the DSL light is on and stable?
asked Dec 21, 2014 in ADSL by Anonymous

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The internet light, upon stabilization, indicates that the ADSL Username and Password entered into the router has been broadcast and accepted as correct, allowing internet connectivity.

Stabilization of the line alone does not ensure that this process can take place.

1.  Log into your router and confirm that the PPPoE Username and Password is correct according to the details available on the ClientZone.

2.  If the details are confirmed to be correct, then change the PPPoE login details to the following Telkom guest account details. (Username:  guest@telkomadsl / Password:  guest)

These details, if they work, will only allow browsing access to Telkom websites (www.telkom.co.za)

3.  If the Telkom guest account details do not work, then the line is likely the cause of the fault.  A call then needs to be logged to Telkom ADSL Support, or by contacting Afrihost if Afrihost is managing the DSL services on the line.

If the Telkom guest details do work, and the Afrihost details still will not work, then a fault can be reported to Afrihost.
answered Dec 21, 2014 by Daniel.vdh (740 points)