Do you have an uncapped, unlimited, unthrottled package for heavy users?

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asked Aug 2, 2015 in General by Kevin

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If you sign up for Uncapped Business, you can get all this as long as you also don't violate any Acceptable Use Policies.
answered Aug 4, 2015 by theeandre (32,960 points)
I had the same question and the same answers for a long time and continuously doubting my line and being throttled.
That was untill I changed to capped 100GiG + 100GiG free. This basically means that you pre- pay or buy a set 200GiG for the month, and it is yours to use anytime, any day at unshaped / un- Throttled speed.
The cost is a little more and I had to cut my monthly GiG's down to the 200 I can afford but at least now I can use email, websurfing and even watch online vids while my downloads are active.
You should get a trail account on a Business DSL package. I have one of these lines active and i run ~700GB a month easy with no throttling or shaping. And it's uncapped.
very very confusing ... i had a Business DSl package and had endless problems. Being throttled so that you cant even open emails or do normal web research etc is not funny at all. I was told that I violate the acceptable user policy & that was always the answer in the end because no one really knows how that work & is almost like a wildcard answer for any issue that cant be solved. That is how I ended up with the capped package. It is very good, fast and reliable just more expensive and I had to stop downloading some stuff ...
I think it's really a wildcard and also dependant on the exchange you're on. If it's congested, this could also lead to throttling. I'll try out Afrigreen and see how that works out.