How much TurboCharge time do I get a month?

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I have an Afrihost Uncapped ADSL package, and I would like to know how much TurboCharge time I get per month.  I would like to know how much torrent downloading I can do during peak network times.
asked Dec 23, 2014 in ADSL by Anonymous

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The turbocharge function allows for up to 300 minutes a month that you are able to turbocharge your account with.

You have the option of using the full 300 minutes at once or you can break it down into either 60 minutes/120 minutes/180 minutes/240 minutes

During peak hours, you are able to download as much torrents as you would like although around these times, you will be shaped due to the congestion on the network or the amount of data you use. The "shaping" redusces your speed thus making it longer to download data.

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answered Dec 23, 2014 by anonymous
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The Afrihost TurboCharge affords you 300 minuted of use every month.

TurboCharge can be used in increments of 60 minutes. This is used to forego the shaping policies that are applied to Afrihost Uncapped accounts for the time period specified.

The TurboCharge option can be doubled to 600 minutes via the Afrihost+ package.
answered Dec 23, 2014 by Daniel.vdh (740 points)