What are the Shaping Times on Uncapped accounts?

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I have an Afrihost Uncapped ADSL account.  At what time of the day does shaping start and when does it stop?
asked Dec 23, 2014 in ADSL by Anonymous

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Hi There

Afrihost does not have specific shaping times. Shaping is applied in accordance with our acceptable usage policy.  Our uncapped accounts are shaped depending on the protocol or rather services that you are attempting to use.

There are two main types of traffic that you can use when connected to the Internet:

Instant, Realtime traffic protocols such as: Web browsing (HTTPS); Live Streaming (YouTube); Secure browsing (HTTPS); VOIP; Email; Terminal services (SSH)
Non-Realtime Downloading protocols such as: HTTP Downloads (downloading a file from your browser), Torrents (BitTorrent), News servers (NNTP)

In order to  ensure that everybody has the best experience possible, we will manage our network by prioritising the types of traffic to make sure that our clients' Internet experience is as fast as it can be - no matter the time of the day or the utilisation of our network. We will never throttle nor shape any of the Realtime  services at any time of the day or night - no matter what your overall usage is. Your speed will be as fast as your Telkom ADSL line allows for Realtime traffic (Actual speed is dependent on line speed, distance from the exchange, quality of  the cabling in your area and current capacity of your Telkom exchange). To make this possible, we will shape non-Realtime services during our busiest times. Non-real time services will be shaped on a sliding scale, with our higher bandwidth users getting shaped more than lower bandwidth users, only on these services (NEVER on real time services)

I hope that the above was useful. You can view more information regards this on our website.

Link ; https://www.afrihost.com/site/faq/uncapped_adsl?src=website_nav

Kind Regards:-)
answered Dec 23, 2014 by Basani.M