Why are downloads so slow on my Business Uncapped ADSL?

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I have an Afrihost Business ADSL connectivity package, and I am trying to run downloads during the day.  My downloads are extremely slow, but I get excellent results on Speedtest.net and while browsing.
asked Dec 23, 2014 in ADSL by Daniel.vdh (740 points)

1 Answer

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The most likely cause of this would be that the Business Optimization option has been activated for this account.

Business optimization is a feature that electively applies shaping policies internet protocols deemed "not for business use", namely the various forms of downloads.  This option can be turned on in the Afrihost ClientZone.

To confirm whether the problem is being cause by this option, please log into the ClientZone, click on "Connectivity" and select the Business ADSL packagein question.  Once selected, please see the status of the "Business Optimization" option in the Account Overview section.  If the option is active, it can be deactivated right there.
answered Dec 23, 2014 by Daniel.vdh (740 points)