From Google site builder (Woza Online) to Afrihost - any possibilities?

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is it posible to tranfer a google site builder website(woza online hosted by vodacom) "domain" to Afrihost ?
asked Dec 23, 2014 in Shared Hosting by Mack

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The only reference I can find to doing transfers (of any kind, one would need to assume) is this:

"7.1.7 The services and offers you receive through WOZA are not for resale and may not be sold or transferred unless the terms and conditions applicable to that service or offer expressly permit sale or transfer." -

I think you'd need to get in touch with them directly in order to see if a transfer can be done.

That said, I highly doubt you would be able to easily edit the site from that point, as the site builder is tied to their system. So even if they transferred the resulting site to your own hosting, you wouldn't be able to much with it.

As such, I recommend building a new site with a Content Management System, such as WordPress or ProcessWire.

answered Dec 24, 2014 by Mike
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In case you can't transfer it to Afrihost, consider other options, like Weebly or WebNode (they both allow users to do that). Here's some info on that matter Website Builders, hope it helps!

answered Feb 23, 2017 by Liz367 (340 points)