Is organic SEO Needed by the automotive Industry?

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Is organic SEO Needed by the automotive Industry or should they just continue to put all their internet net advertising dollars in PPC and buy leads from carsites?

The one word answer is YES :)
Few of the reasons why SEO needed for Automotive industry,
- SEO results are long lasting
- In the present economic environment, people want to have MORE for their every single spend/investment. SEO is one of the best solutions as its results do not go disappear unlike when you pause a PPC campaign.
- Particularly in the automotive industry, the ROI is high when compared to other methods of marketing, this is because the cost of SEO is fraction when compared to other marketing methods like PPC, print & tv.
- When you hire an SEO company who has a good track record, you can be sure of your success.
- PPC method require you to pay for every single visitor you get to your website and does not guarantee any conversion, this means you are paying for each visit even if its not converting in to a lead/sale. In SEO you pay for the keywords to be on TOP and all the traffic that you get from this method of marketing.
- A balance of on-page and off-page marketing is necessary for every website and the amount of the effort, the strategy differs as no two websites are the same.see here

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Yes. Organic SEO is still needed by the automotive industry.
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In fact, now that the era of internet business has arrived, SEO has become an indispensable thing in any industry. It doesn't matter what your business is doing - cars, metals or anything else - all of these niches need to be promoted with SEO tools. That is why you should pay your attention to
Perhaps this is one of the best SEO companies that exist today. I have used their services many times and have already recouped the promotion costs several times!

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