I have internet but my line is pending?

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good day , i have noticed i can access the internet through my account but it runs at nothing more than 55kb/s . it shows my adsl line is still pending , can you please help me understand whats happening now and why i cant use my 10mb/s capacity.

asked Dec 25, 2014 in ADSL by Spring haas

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Good Day

As I am not looking at your specific account I cannot tell what line order type you have. Ordinarily the DSL line if ordered as a "new convert' can take up to 30days for completion. When you sign up for a ADSL data account  your data package is activated as soon as you provide them with your identity document. This means that you can access the internet and use your account at the location of your choice. Most clients choose to suspend the data account until their DSl line has been activated and is ready for usage.

Please see important details below

1. New Convert : Can take up to 30 days for completion. This is converting a voice only line to ADSL. Telkom can take "up to 30 days" and we cannot escalate or speed up the order. It does not always take that long however Telkom can take up to a month to complete your order.

2. Migrate in : This is an ADSL ready line that requires no conversion. The line is being migrated from Telkom through to Afrihost. Ordinarily done when clients are moving from one ISP to another. This order type can take up to 14days.

From your given information I deduce that your line is a new convert. To better assist you, I would suggest you contact our support department by means of a help sms to 32541 so that your account may be opened and the order type checked. You can also request that your data account be suspended till you are able to use, it can be activated when your line is ready.

I hope that the above was useful. Kindly contact us either via sms, live chat or an email sent to support@afrihost.com should you need further assistance.

Blessed Holiday:-)
answered Dec 26, 2014 by Basani.M