Switching from Mweb to Afrihost?

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I want to switch from Mweb to Afrihost but I want to keep my Mweb email accounts, is it easy to switch or complicated?
asked Dec 28, 2014 in Email Hosting by anonymous
just keeping your email, mweb charge R99pm for email only, if you wana keep your mweb email account tell them to sign you up for a 1gb data only account at R29pm and move your email to that account, its better, or just cancel and you still have 30 days to inform all your contacts about your new afrihost email

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Hi there

It is very easy to swtich, all you need to do is to sign up. You would need to make an arrangement with MWEB about keeping your email accounts with them. We will also give an email address which you can use to forward all your MWEB emails to. You can also create an auto responder. This will help you tell everyone that you are now changing your email address to ***@afrihost.co.za. The auto responder that you create will be sent to everyone sending you an email to notify them of your new email address.

Alternatively you can sign up a domain and use it for your emails and probably create a website at a later stage. This will help to never change your email address ever again. This is the best way of controlling your email accounts. If you have a domain and you want to transfer all the email accounts with, you would need to sign up the domains as a transfer and restore all all your emails again.

I hope this answers your questions.

Afrihost Team
answered Dec 29, 2014 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
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Good Day

in order to switch to us you need to cancel with the current host as they may need you to serve a 30 day notice,on day 29 you can sign up with us the data account will be ready in 10 minutes after sign up.once done you can contact us for help with the router setup to avoid downtime.

all sign ups are done on our website.

kind regards
answered Dec 29, 2014 by Irvin